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Boarding Facility

Dorm students have access to nearly all the facilities on campus. The available facilities include:


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Fitness Center

The Fitness center is a great place to lift weights or do cardio. It is located in the main academy building on the ground floor.

HKAA Gymnasium (1).jpg


The gymnasium is a great place to not only exercise and play sports but the stage makes it a great location for performances.

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The library packed with over ten thousand books. Students of all ages love to spend time in this well lit comfortable library.

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Multi Purpose Room

The Multi Purpose Room is located on the ground floor of the dormitory and is used for study hall, dorm activities and evening meetings.

Bay View Church.jpg


Our church is located on the far end of our campus and overlooks the South China Sea. It's used for church, graduations and other events.

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The cafeteria was recently renovated in 2020. It features three partitioned rooms, a small kitchenette for cooking classes, a baby grand piano, a buffet line and 4 tv's.  

Basketball Court.jpg

Outdoor Basketball Court

The high school, regulation sized basketball court is where you'll often find Dean Jeriel during rec period playing basketball with the dorm students

Volleyball Court.jpg

Volleyball/tennis Court

Before dinner and after classes you will find many of the dorm students playing volleyball on this court together.

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Dorm Room

The standard room has 4 beds. For taller students we offer larger beds, these rooms have 3 beds.

Soccer Field.jpg

Soccer Field

The soccer field features real grass and is a popular place for dorm students to enjoy some fun and games after classes.

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