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While HKAA is a private school it adheres to the local Hong Kong curriculum standards, while at the same time interjecting additional international standards in the subjects of English, Science, General Studies, and Moral Education.


Hong Kong Adventist Academy primary section will focus on the nine key areas of learning as set out by the Education Bureau. Within some of these sections, we integrate modified elements from the United States.


1. Chinese Language (Classes in Putonghua)

2. English Language

3. Mathematics

4. General Studies

5. Integrated Science

6. Information & Technology

7. Visual Arts

8. Music

9. Physical Education

10. Religious/Moral Education


HKAA primary section starts at Grade 1 (Primary 1) and continues to Grade 5 (Primary 5).  Students that 5 years and eight months or older are accepted into Grade 1.  Since all class subjects, except for Chinese classes, are taught by English speaking teachers, enrolled students are expected to be able to operate with an acceptable degree of English competency. Chinese classes are taught in Putonghua by quality trained Chinese educators with classes split into local and international levels of speaking competency. 


Story Time with the Principal
Grade 2
Field Trips

HKAA Safe place to Grow


Students enjoy the benefits of both systems and are taught to perform at high levels of academic excellence. A majority of HKAA’s teachers are internationally based teachers from all corners of the globe. 

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