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Disciplining Principles in Parenting

Presented by Principal Tom Decker


​            由戴華達校長呈上

Tom Decker has disciplined young people for 35 years on 5 continents as a teacher, youth pastor and principal.  He has two amazing young adult children who are what really give him authority to speak on this subject.  He has developed through study and experience some very effective principles for disciplining children. 戴華達校長曾在五大洲當教師、牧師及校長,教養年青人凡三十五年 。他有兩位已成年的、傑出的年青兒子和女兒,讓他有足夠的談話空間。就他的學習和經驗發展出一些非常有效教養孩童的方法。

Every parent has to discipline.  It is difficult to do it well.  No one teaches us how to do this!  Principal Decker will share with you some practical, timeless principles for doing this well.  Please join us in the cafeteria for this fantastic presentation. 每一位家長都需要教養孩童去守紀律,但實不容易做好,亦沒有誰可以全然敎曉我們如何做到。戴校長將會與我們分享一些實用,亙古不變的道理去做好這工作。請參與我們在自助餐廳舉行的這個奇妙的講座。

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