I left my home in the United States and the city I have lived near (Washington DC) since I was in 5th grade. I got on a plane to a place I had never been—Hong Kong. I knew very little of the culture that was about to surround me. I did not know even one of my students. I did not know any of the office staff at HKAA that I was going to be so dependent on for success in this new adventure God had created for me. I had never met even one of the teachers that would be so critical to the mission our school has been founded on: helping students GROW. I handed my boarding pass to the airline employee and crossed the threshold of commitment to embrace my journey into the unknown.

My focus on that day though was not on the unknown. My focus was on what I did know. I knew I had been a part of the leadership of successful schools and churches for 30 years. I knew that God had offered me his grace and that it had changed my life. I knew that God had given me a passion for children, young people, and their families. As principal of HKAA I was convinced that God was going to use me to pursue three goals:

1. To help students experience the Grace of God.

2. To help build and grow students’ Characters

throughout the school year.

3. To inspire and motivate students to push themselves toward Excellence in all that they do, especially in their relationships and their school work.

As I look back on this, my first year in Hong Kong, I have so enjoyed getting to know the students, their parents and of course HKAA’s wonderful staff. I have watched many HKAA’s students become better people because they have been pursuing excellence, growing in character, and experiencing the grace of God. It has been thrilling to watch parents become better parents because of their partnership with HKAA’s teachers, administrators, faculty and staff. 

Finally, It has been great to see the tremendous joy on the faces of so many children from the youngest first grader till our students are ready to go to university. Each new school year is a threshold of commitment. May God bless you in your journey.





Rachel Rudisaile
Elementary Vice Principal
Stephen Gudavalli
Middle School and High School Vice Principal
Lee Han
Accounting and Human Resource Manager
Gladys Decker
Miki Lai
Office Manager
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Maviael Alves
Religious Subject Coordinator/Chaplain/G12 Advisor
Laarni Archer
G4 Teacher
Lauren Brackbill
English Teacher/
G9 Advisor
Bart Brondo
Music Teacher
Rebecca Buhrke
Social Studies Subject Coordinator/G11 Advisor
Khim Chan
Guidance Counselor and Human Resources
Yili Chen
G4 Teacher
Esther Choi
Administrative Assistant
Karen Chung
Administrative Assistant
Perla Gallegos
G3 Teacher
Sunny Gang
G1 Teacher
Sarah Gordon
Science Subject Coordinator
Rachel Heffelfinger
G7 Advisor & Science Teacher
Shohagini Hembrom
Elementary Teaching Assistant
Chinese Teacher
Cindy Hui
Admission Coordinator
Amita Kamsuon
Teaching Assistant
Raman Kaur
English Teacher/
G7 Advisor
Dean Kravig
Music Teacher/Fine Arts Subject Coordinator
Alisa Liakhu
G6 Teacher
Sophia Liu
Chinese Teacher
Ruby Liu
Administrative Assistant
Daniel Mendoza
Librarian/Office Assistant
Lisa Moody
Elementary Teaching Assistant
Marketing Coordinator
Ghazala Shaheen
G2 Teacher
Sarah Sykora
PBIS and Discipline Coordinator
Romaine Smith III
English Subject Coordinator/ G8 Advisor
Zaileb Torres
G5 Teacher
Marcelo Troncoso
P.E. Teacher
Russell Wecker
ICT Teacher/IT Manager
Steven Williams
Math Subject Coordinator/
G10 Advisor
Wang, Wen Ke Vicky
Chinese Teacher
Zoie Yip
Chinese Teacher and Chinese Subject Coordinator
Parker Zhang
Chinese Teacher
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