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A new learning experience

These are hard times for Hong Kong. While protests and viruses continue to

threaten so much of Hong Kong culture and life, I continue to be impressed with

the resilience, fortitude and strength of HKAA’s students, parents and

faculty/staff. The administration, faculty and staff at HKAA continue to pray for

our students, their health and education and are committed to making HKAA “A

Safe Place to Grow” for all of our students.


Even though the Education Bureau has closed all schools in Hong Kong until

March 2, we remain committed to educating your child. These will be memorable

times for your children and are a good opportunity for us all to teach them the

importance of persevering through difficulties in determined and creative ways.

During the course of this week HKAA faculty and staff have been working hard to

establish an educational program for our students that, through internet, turns

your home into a classroom. HKAA’s Flexible Learning Experience – “FLEX” –

school starts next Monday February 10, 2020. FLEX school means we will

continue to have school in a flexible way through internet in the safety of the

student’s own home. For this to be successful, we need one primary thing from

you as a parent: it is critical that you support and follow the lead of your teachers

and vice principal in establishing a school schedule for your students in your

home. Working together your student will continue to move forward

academically in spite of our school campus being closed. Any questions about

FLEX and school programing should be directed to your child’s teacher in an




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