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HKAA Student Wins 3rd Place in English Speech Competition

We are happy to congratulate Grade 7 Student, David Kang on getting a 3rd place finish by reciting poem "Saint Francis and the Birds" by Seamus Heaney.

HKAA has participated in the 73rd Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival (English Speech) hosted by Hong Kong School Music and Speech Association

HKAA had multiple contestants entering the competition lead by our English Subject Coordinator - Mr. Romaine Smith III.

The students have read books and recited poetry, recorded their work on video and shared with Hong Kong School Music and Speech Association in November 2021.

The association has evaluated thousands of videos presented to them from schools all over Hong Kong. The final results have been announced on February 7, 2022.

Congratulations from everyone at HKAA to David Kang, parents and Mr. Romaine Smith !

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