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HKAA has greatly expanded its music program beginning with the 2019-2020 school year.  The high school choir and handbell choir are now offered as well as a school orchestra, the 5-6th-grade band in addition to Extra-Curricular Activities music offerings.  Also, our two highly experienced music instructors are offering private student lessons in voice, piano and band instruments.  



Hong Kong Adventist Academy offers educational tours on a

3-year rotating overseas field trip.


History - Eastern United States

Science – Western United States

English – England 

Extracurricular activities are offered Monday through Friday. This year we have a wide variety of options that students can register and enjoy.


Starting on October 8;

We are offering in the area of Music: Band, Choir, Violin and Clarinet.

In Sports: Soccer, Volleyball, Tennis, Golf, Basketball, Skipping Rope.

In the Art area: Creative Balloons Twisting, Little Visual Art Master, Art for high school students.

Also in Design and Personal Growth: Yearbook, Newspaper and Adulting Classes.


Please, sign-up now!





Extra Curricular Activities

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