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HKAA is blessed with wide-open green areas for students to explore and play.


This natural environment allows for hands-on outdoor education across the curriculum.


With a strong focus on healthy mind, healthy body our holistic education aims not only at the academics of a student but also in developing a student spiritually, mentally, socially, and physically.


Diversity and Inclusion

Countries Represented by  Students

Your child will benefit immensely from the culturally diverse faculty and student body of HKAA. Our goal is to help students become better global citizens.


A multicultural education will empower students to be good members of an increasingly complex, pluralistic society. It will foster mutual respect and teamwork, and it will help build communities whose members are judged by their contributions, not by where they come from or what they look like.


Character Construction

We model and hold our students accountable for their character development including being:

  • Honest– This is more than telling the truth – it is being transparent, real, open

  • Compassionate - Gentle

  • Diligent worker - Hardworking

  • Respectful

  • Loyal

  • Responsible - not blaming others for problems, but facing their problems and seeking to correct them. 


Academic Excellence

This means that each student is challenged to reach his academic potential.

Grace of God Experience

It is our desire that HKAA students have a “Grace of God Experience” during their time as students at HKAA.


What does that mean?


  • We recognise that all people make mistakes and need forgiveness.  

  • We want our students to experience that forgiveness from their teachers, other students and other students parents.  

  • We recognise that our students are maturing and therefore do foolish things that they need to learn from.

  • We want our students to mature by experiencing consequences for the mistakes they make.

  • We do not want them to be weighed down with shame. 

  • We recognise that selfishness is an instinct within all people.

  • We want our students to realise that there is joy in serving and giving to others selflessly.

  • We recognise that the world can be a hard and painful place to live.

  • We want our students to know that there is a God in heaven who is not punishing them, but loves them and has suffered give them hope.

HKAA Safe place to Grow


Students enjoy the benefits of both systems and are taught to perform at high levels of academic excellence. A majority of HKAA’s teachers are internationally based teachers from all corners of the globe. 

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