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Who we are...

Hong Kong Adventist Academy is a Seventh Day Adventist Christian School founded in 2011 following an American and local curriculum. HKAA offers international education in Hong Kong for grades 1 to 12. Students and teachers from over 35 different countries attend this school creating a unique and precious international environment.


HKAA seeks to emphasise a healthy, balanced education. While great care and diligence is taken in the area of our academic curriculum, we also seek to develop a character of compassion and integrity in our students. We believe that success in all these areas is found in a positive growing relationship with God. Our aim is to provide Christian education in a fully immersed English learning environment to nurture students to grow and develop into their full potential.


Unique School Qualities

1. Character Development: Learning from the greatest teacher of all, Jesus, our students learn integrity, how to be leaders, how to treat people, and the importance of giving back to those less fortunate.


2. Languages: All of our core subjects are taught in English from grades 1-12. We also place a high importance on learning Putonghua and traditional Chinese writing.


3. Music: Research has proven that knowledge in music often improves a child's ability to master languages and can also improve academics. Our music program boasts a band, vocal choir, bell choir and an orchestra.


Our Philosophy

At Hong Kong Adventist Academy, we believe that all children can learn when they are put in the appropriate environment and are given the right kind of support. We believe that all teachers are mentors who can make a tremendous impact on children’s lives.


We believe that academic excellence; spiritual grounding, physical development, and creative expression are important and should be pillars of the school program. We believe that students should have a balanced development mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Hong Kong Adventist Academy (HKAA) is a holistic

Seventh-day Adventist Christian school that empowers its students to achieve academic excellence and FIND Jesus.


Follow Jesus

Understand the need for a Savior and experience God’s grace

Inspire Leadership

Learn to lead from one’s area of giftedness

Nurture others

Reflect the character of God by loving and serving others

Discover knowledge

Cultivate love of learning, while balancing performance at or above grade level

HKAA Safe place to Grow


Students enjoy the benefits of both systems and are taught to perform at high levels of academic excellence. A majority of HKAA’s teachers are internationally based teachers from all corners of the globe. 

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