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Life as a Boarder

The boarding program at HKAA is really the beating heart of HKAA culture. It brings diversity, as many students living in the dormitory are actually coming from overseas. Because we offer both 5 day and 7 day boarding we have both locals and international students choosing to stay in the dormitory.


The fact that most of the teachers live here on campus and many of the students as well, really brings a family like culture to HKAA. That atmosphere is one aspect that sets HKAA apart from other international schools. You won't find another school in Hong Kong with such a caring staff committed to providing a quality education both inside the classroom and outside the classroom. 

The Schedule

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Jonster Lin-ao

Living in the dormitory was challenging at first. It requires more
responsibility, as I have to clean my room and manage my homework by myself.
It did not take very long for me to adjust though. I made new friends in the dorm quickly, and they
helped me to adjust to dormitory life. I became more independent and I learned to manage my time
more wisely. I even live a healthier lifestyle which includes exercise every evening. Living alone also helped me  to get ready for college. I 
want to go to college in the United States.


Asher Odhiambo

I enjoy staying in the dormitory and it has taught me a lot of things.
The dorm has made me more independent. I had to learn to take care of myself and not rely on my parents for everything. It has also
allowed me to be able to make new connections and new long-lasting

The dormitory has allowed me to get close with the people who live with me in the dorm as we are like one big family.

Another good thing about living in the dorm was having direct contact with the teachers. Especially now with the pandemic, learning became significantly harder but the teachers were always there to give us extra
help. Dorm life has also helped me to have me to trust in God more and it has significantly improved my faith.

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