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Sabbath Activities

“ Our campus provides an unique environment in Hong Kong for the development of spiritual, intellectual and social faculties. The students of HKAA are welcome and encouraged to participate in the various spiritual activities both Bay View church and the Academy’s chaplaincy organize.

We engage in outdoor activities such as short hikes to the clear water bay beach or the Clear Water Bay country park in order to enjoy God’s creation and hold sunset worships.

We have a Bible discussion group called Dulce de Leche, (the students chose the name) where we eat together as a family and seek for Biblical answers for deep contemporary issues such as abortion, euthanasia, end time prophecies etc. ​

The Pathfinders club meets every two weeks who students from 10-15 years old are welcome to join the various activities of the club that include learning camping skills, cooking, hiking, swimming and a multitude of exciting things to learn.

Every Saturday morning, the Bay View church organizes small classes (the Sabbath School), for all age groups, intended to go deeper into the Bible. All students and parents are welcome to participate; followed by a music filled divine service where all churchgoers have a chance to draw near to God.

Lastly, we are truly privileged to have the opportunity to enjoy God closed to nature and specially grateful to have the chance to minister to our students during school days and weekends on our campus."

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