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Come and celebrate VegFest with HKAA on October 14

Hong Kong VegFest has been ranked by Lonely Planet as No. 8 among the Top 10 Vegan Festivals Worldwide.

Come and visit HKAA booth in the VegFest on our campus.

The People of Hong Kong celebrate all things vegan at this one-day free carnival in October. Run by volunteers, it features more than 70 outlets offering vegan products, health checks, cooking demonstrations, cruelty-free clothing and more. There’s even an animal costume stall and a place that rents reusable containers.

The 9th Hong Kong Vegfest 2021 is a brand-new concept in the vegan world. Product exhibitors, vegetarian entrepreneurs, internet celebrities, professional doctors, etc. share speeches and cooking demonstrations, as well as comedy, music and entertainment online together.

Come to enjoy and interact with everyone.

Vegfest is a volunteer-run project organised by a collaboration of major organizations and institutions with the aim of promoting veganism to Hong Kong people.

First Hong Kong Vegfest held in October 2013 was the first ever festival celebrating the benefits and wonders of the vegan lifestyle in Hong Kong.

歡迎參加香港素食嘉年華 2021 年活動。這是素食界的全新概念,產品參展商,素食企業家,網紅主播,專業醫生等分享演講和烹飪示範,還有喜劇,音樂和娛樂一起在線,以往未能完全參與到的 “現場” 活動,今次可以盡情與大家一起互動。

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