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HKAA 2022 Summer Camp

First ever HKAA signature summer camp went from 1st to 5th August, 2022. 4 teams - red, green, blue, and yellow were competing throughout the 5 days for the Harold award! Activities such as knot tying, scavenger hunt, baking experiences, and arts were all featured during the camp. Participants had to work in a team to complete each challenge which they faced. Spending time and working together builds new friendships, social and leadership skills. Our highly qualified instructors have created the most fun and at the same time challenging activities for all who participated.

A total of 32 students signed up and attended the camp where they were divided into 4 equal teams. The camp was hosted on the Hong Kong Adventist Academy campus located in Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong. All the attendants were able to enjoy the wonderful warm summer scenery of the campus since many of the activities were held outdoors.

Scavenger Hunt Game was featured right on day 1.

The scavenger hunt involved 9 different stations which had to be completed in order. Teams had to collect all the necessary clues at each stage to move on and finish the game. Each team was given a map, but the maps were not complete. Every time a station was completed, the team would be given the next piece of the map in order to continue their journey to the next station. At each station the teams were also given a letter to form a final word at the end of the game.

Everyday, the teams would be rotating between art station, cooking station, sports, and knot tying station. Each activity would be close to an hour long.

The cooking activities were led by Manuella. The goal of this station is to introduce culinary practices in all participants and develop skills in at the kitchen. Cooking is fun and we wanted to prove it in our camp. Throughout all of the days in the camp, everyone was able to create Brazilian Cheese Balls, cookies, pasta, and the final day featured a cake competition involving all of the teams.

The cake competition was about creating a cake which relates to and describes your team. The finished cakes were then to be displayed before the judges which would give a score the based on looks and relevancy. Each team had exactly 50 minutes to complete their cake. After the competition was over, everyone got a slice of their team's cake and brought it home.

All of the art activities were led and organized by Zuriel. Students created colored paper from scraps and dried them during the first day. The following day, Zuriel was showing how to create an epoxy resin flower, where they have to create the epoxy mixture and frame decorations inside it. On day 3, all participants created a colorful dye pattern on a blank shirt using ink. Finally, on the last day students created a scrapbook of memories about everything they did throughout the whole camp. They used printed pictures from the previous days and pasted them into their scrapbooks along with other decorations.

Another highlight of the summer camp were the knot tying sessions led out by Slava. All the students were learning how tie and use different types of knots in real life situations. Everyday, all the teams learned a few new knots and then played a game that involved practising the same knots they studied.

Sport games were led and organized by Alex and Slava. Throughout the duration of the camp kids played and competed in games such as capture the flag, dodgeball, tug of war, bulldog, obstacle course, and many others.

Red team received the first place and the Harold award for being the most organized and successful team in all the activities and competitions. Team leaders and instructors were monitoring each team's performance and giving points for quality, organization, skillfulness, and team spirit. The goal of the camp was for each participant to grow in physical, mental, cognitive, and social abilities. Overcoming conflict and challenges as a team and learning to even accept a loss is vital for every child's and teenager's development.

HKAA summer camp 2022 received an impressive amount of positive feedback. Therefore, the instructors and organizers are going back to the drawing board and preparing for HKAA summer camp 2023! Nexts year's camp is planned to have the same competitive spirit and much larger number of participants.

If you want to save your spot for HKAA summer camp 2023, please contact us and our staff will reserve your place.

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