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HKAA Alumni Interview Feat. Joseph Lee

Joseph Lee graduated from Hong Kong Adventist Academy in 2021. He was living in the student dormitory on HKAA campus and he spent 3 years studying in Hong Kong. Joseph is originally from South Korea and is now planning to study medicine in New South Wales state university, Australia.

Joseph's main goal was to excel in every subject while he was at HKAA so that when there is a good opportunity for future studies - he can take it. 'The small community at HKAA allowed me to meet and know each teacher personally and learn from them'. Joseph expressed that teachers are able to provide personal attention to each student which allowed him to learn outside class hours. He said that the different countries and environments where all the teachers came from really shaped him as a well rounded student with a wider worldview.

When asked, "what would be something you would recommend to new coming students?", Joseph replied saying 'it's the AP classes'. He was concerned that he found out about AP (Advanced Placement) classes too late. Since he came from a different educational system, he was unsure about taking any of them, but in grade 11 Joseph said that he wished he took them earlier because now he started a lot of other classes already.

Joseph was able to realize himself in many other aspects in the school. He took part in the soccer club, the orchestra which he says helped a lot with his college application. He also participated in various fundraisers including the India mission trip. Joseph held the treasurer position in the HKAA student association, where he managed student activity budget and fundraised for the end of the year banquet.

Many more questions were answered by Joseph in the interview, and here are the highlights:

  • What was your experience like living in the dorm?

'It was really fun! Everyone was really kind. It's great to spend time with friends everyday and study together. I was also able to meet some of the college students because they also live in the dorm. I learned a lot from talking with them and we played soccer and other sports together.'

  • How would you describe HKAA to a person that has never heard about this school before?

'Friendly. Anyone you talk to will be very friendly and respectful. The teachers and students from many different countries really make a multicultural environment. I think it's an excellent place to meet and connect with people.'

  • What 5 things you will miss about HKAA?

'Friends, I made a lot of friends in the school and on campus; nature - that campus is very beautiful and the beach is also really close; being flexible with my studies because I was able to choose my classes and I got to focus on what I like; conversations - I will miss the deep talks with friends and teachers.'

  • What can you say about your overall experience at HKAA?

'It was fun. One word would be just fun. My time here was definitely filled with a lot of events, studies, and emotion. And I am glad I was able to experience this.'

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