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Chrome Books at HKAA!

HKAA is upping its IT game!

Don’t buy devices for your child’s education - Rent them at HKAA.

All students will be required to rent the official school device.

HKAA has purchased the Asus Flip C214 Chromebook for every student.

The Rental Fee will be $200 per month. ($2,000 per school year)

HKAA’s Reasons For Chromebooks

For Students

  • Convenient and consistent access to school resources online including Google Classroom, Canvas, HKAA Website and calendar as well as grades.

  • Solid school-based IT support to empower students to master the use of their device for academic purposes.

  • Increased and very strong school monitored protection from entertainment gaming on the school device.

  • Increased and very strong school monitored protection from internet misuses like cyberbullying, pornography, wasting of time.

For Parents

  • There is no large initial cost to purchase Chromebooks like an Ipad or laptop.

  • Chromebooks are a monthly rental from HKAA - only during the school year.

  • Confidence that HKAA manages and maintains the Chromebooks.

  • HKAA bears responsibility for regular maintenance of the Chromebooks.

  • A high level of confidence that when their student is on Chromebooks they really are “doing their school work!”

  • The Chromebooks HKAA has purchased are a very durable model.

For Teachers

  • Because all their students have the same devices, management and troubleshooting problems is easier, takes less time and less frustration therefore making learning more efficient and effective.

  • Chromebooks will be fully managed by HKAA so non-school approve apps and programs are able to be installed on the Chromebooks.

  • Chromebooks have a standard keyboard configuration and input so students can learn proper keyboarding.

  • Chromebooks have a stylus input giving students the option of doing handwriting and drawing instead of keyboard entry.

For IT

  • Allows for much more efficient and effective management of devices used for school.

  • HKAA retains full control of all aspects of the Chromebook device.

  • All the Chromebooks are functioning on the same operating system, ensuring fast, efficient and effective maintenance and troubleshooting of the device.

More information will be shared soon




香港復臨學校已為每位學生購買ASUS Flip C214型號的Chromebook

租借費用為每月200元正 (每學年為2,000元)

香港復臨學校採用全新形態電腦 (Chromebook)的原因


  • 能統一各大學習資源平台到Chromebook;包括連結Google課堂、Canvas、HKAA網站、日曆以及成績等,變得更方便瀏覽。

  • 基於校本電子支援,學生能充份掌握操作Chromebook作學術用途。

  • 增強學校在電子器材上對娛樂設備的監測和防護。

  • 增強學校在免受網絡欺凌、色情等濫用互聯網的監測及監管。


  • 相比起iPad平板電腦或手提電腦,Chromebook的價錢相對便宜。

  • Chromebook會以月費形式(共十個月)向學校租借。

  • 可放心讓學校處理Chromebook管理及維修問題。

  • 學校會負責定期對每部Chromebook進行維修。

  • 可放心讓學生使用Chromebook,因Chromebook只作學術用途,學生使用Chromebook時即表示學生正在做學校功課。

  • 學校所購買的Chromebook型號為非常耐用的型號。


  • 所有學生都使用相同電子器材,可令到管理和修理故障問題時變得更容易和省時,從而提高學習效能和效率。

  • Chromebook將由學校全面管理,因此安裝未經學校批准的應用程式。

  • Chromebook具有標準的鍵盤配置和輸入文字方法,學生可以學習正確鍵盤輸入文字方法。

  • Chromebook具有手寫輸入文字功能,可讓學生選擇手寫輸入文字。


  • 對學校使用的設備進行更有效的管理。

  • 學校可以全面控制Chromebook各方面的功能。

  • 所有Chromebook都在相同的操作系統上運作,能確保設備能快速運作,有效地對設備進行管理和修理故障問題。


Please click this link to learn more Asus Chromebook

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