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HKAA Student award on English Writing competition

🎉🥳👏 Congratulations to Miss Brogan Archer on getting the Merit award from 10th English Writing Competition hosted by The Standard - Hong Kong's biggest circulation English daily newspaper.

🥳🙌 🏅We are proud of your achievements ! 🥳🙌 🏅

Miss Archer has highlighted how keeping historical buildings contributes to saving the environment. Where reusing, recycling and reducing does not even need to be involved, when society can simply keep a building standing.

"Historic buildings should be protected. By protecting them, there could be environmental benefits, historical benefits, financial benefits and economic benefits." -Miss Archer has concluded.

👉 Read the full article here:

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The Standard is hosting annual English writing competitions

✅ To encourage secondary schools students in Hong Kong to express their thoughts on social affairs and related subjects that they read about in news every day.

✅nTo increase their confidence in learning and also improve their English writing skills at the same time.

✅To assist school teachers with preparing English writing assignments for students.

🇭🇰 The Standard is Hong Kong's biggest circulation English daily newspaper. It has evolved into a powerful, influential medium in Hong Kong with a diverse audience and a broad reach since becoming a free newspaper in September 2007. The paper is distributed Monday through Friday throughout Hong Kong.

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