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How music helps HKAA students with academic achievements

"Music literally makes you smarter" says Dean Kravig.

Watch how Dean Kravig, HKAA Music teacher shares the scientific and practical reasons for music being the cornerstone to academic excellence and character building.

At HKAA we see how learning musical instrument helps your child to be their best.

According to the research published in Forbes the results of the musical instrument learning are astounding:

Comparing the test scores of students who took music classes with those of their peers, the musicians got higher grades in a range of different school subjects. Research like this has been done before, but the current study is much larger, and took into account other factors that may have affected the results.

For example, perhaps students who took music classes were encouraged to do so because they already had good grades. Or perhaps students were more or less inclined to study music depending on their socioeconomic background, which could also affect academic scores. The research team corrected for these factors in their data analysis, and they still found a clear effect of music lessons on academic performance.

You can read the full article here:

The following TED talk is also beneficial in understanding the mechanics behind this development.

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