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I Love Hellos

I love hellos! When I approach a person I have never met, I am so curious about them. Where are they from? What is their cultural background? What is their family like? What kind of food do they like? What subjects did/do they like in school? What do they think about God? What do they identify with politically? I am fascinated by who people are and what are the key factors that have driven the people they have become.

Who am I? When you meet me, you are meeting someone who is culturally American, but very curious and interested in other cultures. My family is an amazing group of incredible individuals. I love hiking and sailing. I love vegetarian dumplings with hot chili sauce and Tom Yum Soup. I highly value compassion, excellence and integrity.

Each person is incredibly unique. Each person is wise and wonderful in their own way. I have never met two people who are identical. Even twins are remarkably unique from each other. HKAA has a beautifully unique staff, some of the most compassionate and wise people I have ever known.

I am convinced that you will love HKAA people! Students, staff, faculty and their families are amazing people working together to empower our students to mature into amazing people. Come be a part of the family!

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